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Grow Your Business Fast: 15 Tips for Becoming a Pro at Advertising Copywriting

15 Tips for Becoming a Pro at Advertising Copywriting

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Print may be dead, but advertising copywriting in the digital world has nowhere to go but up.


Over 120,000 copywriters are currently making a full time living in America. And with all these amazing copywriters floating around, the standard for quality copy is skyrocketing.


Your clients expect your website to wow them. You can't slap something up on your homepage-- you have to make sure it sells.


Want to stop wasting time and start converting prospects into clients? Then keep reading as we count down the top 15 tips for click-worthy copywriting.


Tip 15. Be an Authority (a Credible One)

No one wants to fall victim to a scam. If you forget to build up your authority before you start making promises, clients won't believe your guarantees.


Here are some ways to build credibility with your clients:

  • include testimonials from other clients
  • show data to back your promises
  • publish how many years experience you have or how long you've been in business
  • use badges or links to your or your products' awards
  • make your ratings available to clients

But don't stop there. Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to build trust with clients. So make sure you leverage this advantage as much and as often as possible.


Tip 14. Tell a Compelling Story

Marketing agencies are always preaching about using storytelling for boosting sales. It's time digital copywriters get on board.


When you use copywriting to tell your audience a story, you can increase your CTR.

Storytelling helps brands connect with audiences on an emotional level. Making people emotional about your services or products will make it easier to push them through your marketing funnel.


Tip 13. Create a Brand Voice

Voice is something fiction writers know all about.


Think of your favorite character in a book. The way they "talk," the words and phrases they use, and the unique way they see the world? Those are all part of the character's voice.


Imagine that your brand is a character, too.


How does your brand talk? What kind of words and phrases does your brand use?

Consider these kinds of questions when you're coming up with a brand voice. Make sure you come up with a brand voice because you'll reap the benefits.


Tip 12. Grab 'em with the Headline

Your website's headline is the first thing clients see when they come to your site. That's why you should spend more time perfecting the headline than any other part of your website.


Good headlines are:

  • specific
  • simple
  • actionable or reactionary

When crafting your perfect slogan, go for clarity over cleverness or wit. A great headline compels clients to keep reading and improve your chances of converting a sale.

In the world of clickbait, you should also write headlines that relate to the rest of the copy on the page.


Tip 11. Sell the Benefits

Instead of trying to sell your products or services, sell the benefits clients can glean from them.


Telling your audience what you can give them makes them more likely to trust you than a simple description of what you can do.


The kind of benefits your brand offers matter, too. Customers aren't looking to save money these days. They're looking to save time, lessen their stress, and better meet objectives.


Tip 10. Write with a Purpose

Don't fill your website template with random words. Make sure what you say has a purpose.


Fluff is content that your audience already knows. Generalized statements, commonly held thoughts or ideas, and irrelevant information are all types of fluff.


This is bad because it offers nothing to your clients and makes you look less professional. Yikes. When you do give people valuable information with no fluff, you're getting a headstart on Tip #10.


Tip 9. Instantly Grab Attention with Power Words

Power words help you connect with clients' emotions. They're also the way you can show that you're a true sales copywriter.


Here are top 5 buzz words for conveying your message in copy:

  1. you
  2. new
  3. free
  4. because
  5. instantly

Use these words in headlines. Bold them in the body of your copy. Don't go overboard, but use these words frequently for good copywriting habits.


Tip 8. Give Clients Something for Nothing

Free. Everyone loves that word. And, as you saw in Tip #9, this is a "power word" that readers will latch onto.


But it also describes something you can do in your copy.


Clients want to know that you have all the answers. And while you shouldn't give away all your secrets, offering up a few tips for free is one of the writing tricks I swear by.


Offer clients a free how-to article if they sign up for your marketing emails. Or drop a few actionable tips on your homepage. Whatever your style is, make sure you're giving clients something valuable and fluff-free.


Tip 7. Make the Client the Hero

Think your brand is the hero of your website's story? Think again.


When you write copy, the client should be the hero of the story. It's all about what they want and need. It's about their objections and end goals.


A good way to test if your client is the hero of your website copy is to make sure the word "you" is used at least twice as much as "we" or "I."


Make your client the hero of the story and watch your sales analytics go through the roof.


Tip 6. Third Times a Charm

There's something people love about the number 3. Because copywriters who make their main point three times are more likely to get that point across.

This can also mean using:

  • 3 CTAs
  • 3 internal links
  • 3 opt-in forms on about pages

Another way to use this tip is to make your point in three different mediums.

Tell your audience in words why they should use your services. Show them with a graphic what your services can do for them. Prove you're good with a real-life case study.


Remember the old adage, "third times a charm" and you'll be converting clients in no time.


Tip 5. Make It Interesting

Copy that uses more than words isn't a suggestion these days-- it's vital to writing content people will actually read.


That's because 50% of users are more engaged by visual content.


Visual content also aids in skimming. And since the majority of online readers read less than half of the content on a page, visuals can be a powerful way to get your point across.


Tip 4. Call Them to Action

You already know from Tip #6 that multiple calls-to-action improve your copy. But make sure one of those CTAs is the last thing clients see on your page.

The closing CTA should also be the strongest CTA.


If you've already invited your audience to click on your portfolio or products and services pages then you should direct them to contact you. Whatever you use as your CTAs, make sure there is a clear hierarchy.


Tip 3. Address the Objections

You may think that playing the devil's advocate will turn your clients off. The truth is the exact opposite.


Clients are bound to have objections about your promises and guarantees. When you beat them to those objections and address them in a meaningful way, you let them know two things about your brand:

  1. You're honest and not full of hype
  2. You're a thinker and a problem solver, not a talker

Address you're clients' objections, give them your solution, and you're well on your way to becoming an expert sales copywriter.


Tip 2. Back Up Your Claims

Facts and statistics give your clients something to latch onto. They also give clients a reason to trust the guarantees you make.


Most people who buy your products or services don't actually know you. So why do they have a reason to trust what you say?


They don't.


That's why you should back up your claims with airtight proof.


Make sure you get that proof from a reliable source, though. That way, you avoid making a controversial claim without intending to.


Tip 1. SEO like a Pro

Congratulations, you've made it to the #1 copywriting tip. Learning SEO is the #1 way to attract clients and keep them for good. Here's why.


The digital world is overflowing with products and services. How are customers to find your brand with so much competition?


With SEO, that's how.


When you search engine optimize your website, you're giving yourself an advantage over those who don't. Make sure all your good copywriting skills and amazing products or services get noticed with SEO.


Continue to Improve Your Advertising Copywriting Skills

Advertising copywriting is all about making the sale. But good copywriting never compromises quality and authenticity for a quick conversion.

With these 15 writing tricks, you can be a pro at writing copy for your site and your clients' sites.


Don't rely on these tips alone, though. To be a great copywriter, you need to research your niche, trending topics, and other great marketing tips and tricks as often as possible.


The digital world is constantly changing and evolving. So make sure you're up to date with the latest from the business, marketing, and website world, all on Strikingly's blog.

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