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Ready for Explosive Growth? 5 Reasons to Add a Blog to Your Website

Are you ready to experience maximum growth without a ton of effort? This is just one of the top five reasons to add a blog to your website!

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You're in business for yourself as a commercial loan broker. Your marketing efforts on social media have paid off thus far.


You get a few calls a day, with a few sales here and there. However, you feel that your business could do better. You're on the cusp of achieving maximum growth in your business. But you don't know what's missing.


To make your business grow, you need to add a blog to your website. The benefits of blogging include SEO growth and overall brand awareness.


You must also post appealing content that will generate interest in your products or services. This article will show you the importance of blogging. Keep reading if you wish to grow your business exponentially.


Boost Visitor Traffic

Boosting your audiences entails creating content for your blog. Google indexes all pages of your blog, improving your traffic flow in the process.


When drafting content, avoid fluffy content that doesn't add value to a reader's life. You can also ensure high-quality content by hiring a blogger. If you wish to write articles as an authority figure, visit this site for writing tips.


Create Brand Authority

Blog marketing instills trust between consumers and companies. Blog content makes readers trust the company overall. To build trust within an audience, you must do the following:

  • Write valuable content
  • Highlight a solution and provide the answer
  • Take a different angle than your competitors


As you write the articles, include external links to other authoritative sources to boost credibility. Additionally, write content that's friendly and conversational to further engage potential customers.


Write Call-to-Actions

A key way you can generate interest in a potential customer is a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA encourages a customer to take action in some way. You can instill a CTA in the following ways:


  • Encouraging them to click on a page within your site
  • Calling on them to sign up for a newsletter or service
  • Asking them to read more on a particular subject


Directing your readers makes them more likely to contact you. You can also instill your CTAs on landing pages.


Build Brand Awareness

The increased traffic from your website means more people will know about it. Further, additional content allows readers to know more about what you're offering.


Blogging for business purposes also gives you a chance to separate yourself from competitors. Content also helps your website rank well on search engines like Google.


Learn SEO Strategies

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If done correctly, SEO will help in ranking your website higher on search engine listings. Key strategies of SEO include:


  • Implementing keywords throughout the articles
  • Linking to internal pages on your website
  • Updating your website regularly


Above all, Google values quality content that doesn't duplicate other pages.


How to Add a Blog to Your Website

If you don't know how to add a blog to your website, you can do so through the tools allowed by your host provider. You can create an extra tab on your website within the main toolbar.


Blog marketing is a low-cost way to generate maximum views if done in the right way.

Before marketing, you must be aware of your brand. To get the best information on brand awareness, visit our page today to get additional ideas.

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