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Make Big Impacts at Your Next Tradeshow with Gator Board Printing

Are you planning to attend an upcoming trade show or exhibition? Do you want to make the most out of your event marketing? Gator board printing will help you achieve phenomenal results.

Trade fairs are extremely important to any business organization. They present a rare opportunity to win clients, woo new talent or create awareness. Unfortunately, it takes just 3 seconds for attendees to determine whether or not to visit your booth, according to the Center of Exhibition Industry Research. That means you have a negligibly small amount of time to make a favorable impression. To make the most out of it, it’s imperative to have spectacular trade show graphics in place. Does this sound like too much pressure for you? Relax! Gatorboard printing is all that you need to exhibit your work in the upcoming trade fair effectively. Gatorboard being a sturdy and highly versatile material, it’s no surprise it has become increasingly popular for creating signs for event marketing.


Reasons to Use Gator Board for Signs

If you’re wondering why exactly you should use custom gator boards signs in your next tradeshow, keep reading to find out.


Gatorboard Is Cost Effective

When your business is part of a tradeshow, things can get really expensive. As a business owner, you want a cost-effective way to promote and market your business during this event. Opting for custom gator board signs can be the solution to your problems. Made of high-quality, rigid paper faces on both sides, gator board printing is an inexpensive alternative you’d want to use.


It’s Quite Portable

Portability is yet another reason why custom gator board signs are common in different trade shows and exhibitions. With the lightweight polystyrene core and a very sturdy surface which is resistant to moisture, your signs will hold up just fine even under extreme weather conditions. That means you will have no trouble during the transportation process. That said, it’s vital to handle gator board printing with care because too much pressure can result in damage.


Attention Grabbing

Of course, you want whatever content you print on your tradeshow signs to be noticeable and easy to read from far. With a top wood-fiber veneer surface that gives your graphics a fantastic look, using gator board for signs can be quite beneficial in attracting people to your booth. This will increase your chances of success in your event marketing strategy. PrintMoz offers gator board signs that you can customize. The first step is to check out the site.


It’s Super Easy to Set Up

No matter where you want to put it, gator board signs are some of the easiest advertising signage to set up. It is not difficult to cut, drill holes or prop. If you wish to hang gatorboard from a ceiling, for instance, you can use anything from string, rope or bungee. Nails, screws or an adhesive can be used to hang your custom gator board signs on a wall.


Where do I Place My Signs?

Although gator board signs are super easy to set up, it’s critical that you choose a strategic position for your trade show graphics. A good placement keeps attracting attendees to your booth. Nevertheless, it's important to keep in mind that the specific type of graphics plays a critical role in determining where the sign should be placed. For example, a long-range trade fair graphics (visible from far) can be hung at a higher point (preferably in the dining, lounge, or entrance). Mid-range and short-range graphics, on the other hand, should be propped anywhere in the booth.


Get Signs for Event Marketing at Printmoz

With all these benefits, it’s only natural to get a reputable digital printer to create attractive graphics to showcase your work. If you’re ready to make a big statement in the next trade show, exhibition or networking event, consider getting your custom gator board signs done at Our simple online ordering solution will help you take the hassle out of getting quality prints.

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