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Montessori Triangle — The Most Innovative Furniture for Kids

The Montessori Triangle is a ladder slide for kids

The design of the montessori triangle was developed based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori, an outstanding Italian pediatrician and teacher. She discovered that it is vital to encourage the child's natural desire to move and develop at her own pace. Therefore, a unique triangle was created to meet the needs of little ones.

Features of the triangle

The Montessori Triangle is a ladder slide for kids. It is suitable for small children (from 1 to 4 years old) due to its low height, grip comfort, little distance between the sticks, angle of incline, and compactness. In general, it is instantly apparent that the teacher thought out the design!

You can find numerous triangles on the market. In addition, there is a ramp that kids love! And under the triangle, you can set houses, a tunnel, etc. Moreover, the children's ramp does not need to be fastened to the floor or wall! It is easy to carry from room to room or fold and stow away.

The triangle is made of natural wood, covered with water-based varnish and protected from moisture and dirt, and has 5 degrees of tilt angle adjustment. All the materials ensure that the child can play safely and can't harm himself.

Climbing fun with tremendous benefits

The Montessori triangle promotes motor development, a sense of balance, and strengthens muscles: 

● It opens up new ways for the child to play in which motor skills are encouraged. Even the first attempts to crawl to the climbing triangle are a lot of fun and keep your child moving. 

● Primary sequences of movements are learned and practiced playfully when climbing a triangle.

● The sliding ramp locks into place but securely. It serves as both a slide and, at the same time, an inclined plane on which you can climb again.

The triangle with the ramp is entertaining for toddlers as kids move and discover the cravings for climbing.

Conception and production

The ramps and climbing triangles are made of high-quality and durable beech and birch wood. The wooden surface is finely sanded several times (for greater gliding pleasure). It remains untreated and therefore completely free of harmful substances. The climbing triangle stand is made of high-quality birch plywood. Thus, the ramp is solid and stable.

The safety of children plays a significant role in all climbing products, from development through production to use by the children. The triangles are equipped with an integrated child safety device. To collapse the triangles, at least two screws must be loosened. These prevent them from collapsing in children's hands and during use.

Free of harmful substances and harmless

No varnishes or paints are used in the production of top-quality triangles. The triangle is only sharpened by hand. So that your child does not lose touch with nature, they can feel, see and smell the softwood. Naturalness is the best protection against pollutants and sensitizes you to the wonder of nature.


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