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The benefits of video content for your business

The benefits of video content for the business are essential for the brand image and for a good presence on the Internet.

A recent survey about Video Marketing Statistics 2021 noticed that Internet users prefer content that is easy to "consume" and makes it possible to multitask. Traditional blog posts are still effective but require more focus. It’s said that since 2016, the number of businesses using video as a marketing tool has increased.

And, 88% of video marketers said video gives them a positive ROI, a 5% increase from last year’s numbers. In addition, video significantly increases the reach of social media posts.

The influence of video content

First, there is the YouTube factor: 

● every month, almost 2 billion users log into YouTube,

● every day, more than a billion hours of video are watched,

● 100 hours of content is uploaded every minute. 

Video is easy to consume, it is the preferred medium of Internet users:

● 62% of people consume videos,

● 53% of them expect more video content, regardless of platform.

Video traffic on the Internet is growing considerably:

● 82% of Internet traffic is expected to be devoted to video by 2021. 

This increase in video consumption is also due to the increase in mobile browsing. Indeed, watching videos is a more important activity on mobile than on other devices. For example, 70% of the time spent on YouTube is via mobile.

Videos on social networks regarding other social networks, the numbers are also impressive.

● on Facebook 8 billion videos are viewed every day, 

● between Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube, there are 22 billion videos viewed every day.

Video is the most consumed format on social networks. With such growth in the consumption of videos, it is normal for search engines to take into account and favor this type of content in an SEO strategy.

Why video content is better for some businesses

Even the most difficult topics can be explained with video. Take, for example, trends in videos for Instagram: explanatory videos with captions have become very popular there. Which is easier: read 20 pages of text, graphs, and tables, or watch a short video? Video is now the most effective media format.

The preference for video content is not limited to entertainment purposes. The video extends to brands. Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from their favorite brands (HubSpot, 2018).

Influencers, aware of the weight of video content, are starting to produce different types of video content in order to meet this growing need. This attachment to video amounts, according to the Hubspot study, to the fact that users pay more attention to it.

For brands, getting more audience attention through video content is a good solution. Here is an example. The ski complex has launched a new cable car that everyone has been waiting for. But it happened in the summer when the topic of ski holidays is not relevant. You could have made a press release for the media, posts for social media, or an infographic. As well as text, photos, and different graphics. There are a lot of dissimilar elements that would be lost during re-posts and rewrites. The information would be distorted. And a simple video clip can combine all these elements. It is easy to share, it cannot be distorted or lost.

How to create interesting video content

1. Tell viewers a story

Make your videos a mini-movie with a full storyline. Matthew highlights such elements of the story as mise-en-scène, confrontation, and conflict resolution. You can call them simpler: the outset, the climax, the denouement. Or quite simply - beginning, middle, and end.

2. Awaken emotions

Almost all of the best brand video ads have an emotional appeal. Think, for example, of the Budweiser ad for the 2014 Super Bowl. The creators of the video use a well-known way to evoke emotions in humans: they show cute animals with human feelings.

3. Do not forget about the music 

Of course, many users prefer to mute the video (especially if they are watching from the phone). However, it's worth taking care of what they hear if they decide to turn it on. Poor voice acting can kill the entire impression of your video.

There are some guidelines:

● record in silence;

● use a good microphone;

● add good music (if there is no good music, do not add music at all);

4. Quality before quantity

If you want your corporate video to increase the visibility of your business while having a greater impact on the success of your business, then it can be shot on your iPhone. Invest in your corporate video just like you would any marketing initiative.

The best way for your company to ensure that your video is produced with care is to hire professionals. 

Mistakes to avoid

1. Do not film in a noisy place, 

2. Do not leave anything lying around you if you are filming indoors, it catches the eye.

3. Pay attention to the exposure. The brightness may seem ideal to the naked eye, but in the video, it is not. Do some tests before shooting your video.

4. Take the time to film the different sequences, do not be in a rush otherwise, your sequences will lack stabilization.

5. Don't shoot from just one angle if you're shooting outdoors. Vary the points of view to bring rhythm to the video.

6. Don't say “uh” in your videos. A little practical advice, if you don't know what to say, leave a blank, then start again. This technique eliminates "uh" by cutting out moments of silence during editing.

To summarize

Firstly, video content helps to be more visible. It is easier for people to perceive pictures and sounds than simply studying images or text on the screen. Therefore, brands using the video format outperform conservatives using only text.

Secondly, video content allows us to tell and show more. You can show in the video what you cannot describe with text. This means that it is better to reveal the benefits of the product and convey the benefits of its purchase. All this will increase the conversion to sales.

And finally, video content may be difficult to create but it gives high loyalty and engagement. People trust people and, if they see an expert in the frame, they can contact the company they represent. 

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